Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Time to Pretend: Falls Festival 2008

I know New Years seems like a long way away but if you are even thinking about the possibility of attending Falls Festival in Lorne and going camping over New Years Eve you should register for the ticket ballot. This doesn't guarantee you a ticket but it pretty much guarantees you won't get a ticket if you don't register.

Registration closes 27 August with the first line-up being announced on 13 August. Current rumours suggest that MGMT and Beck will be playing and bawley's own Glastonbury sources over the weekend report that MGMT rock live!

Click here to register and stay tuned to bawley for more news soon.


boxy said...

and where did you get that info ;-P

Hummer said...

Sounds awesome, the new beck album with Danger Mouse on board is brilliant.

Reckon it should be out next week.