Sunday, 13 July 2008

I Want to Be Cool, Tall, Vulnerable and Luscious

mini post: When I think back to high school and some of those defining bands I think Stone Roses, Smiths, Oasis, Blur but one that really was at the heart of my music tastes as a girl and especially as a teenager was Liz Phair. She is my Joni Mitchell. Her music was beautiful, clever, angry, angst ridden, funny and still is today. So much so that 15 years on from the 1993 release of Exile in Guyville she has reissued the brilliant album. The album sits proudly (along with whitechocolatespaceegg) in my top albums of all time.

The reissue was released late last month on ATO and includes bonus tracks including Ant in Alaska and Wild Thing. Check out a great live version of Fuck and Run from Phair's 24 June show in Chicago celebrating the reissue.

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Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!

Chick Rock Re-issues rule.