Saturday, 16 April 2011

Grinderman and The National make Record Store Day Evil

Today is a Record Store Day, an annual celebration of all that is good about wandering in to your local record store, rummaging through the racks, and coming away with something that you didn't even know you wanted.

In these times of poor sales and free downloads Record Store Day has also become a way for artists to promote, new or collectable releases.

2011 Record Store Day releases include new songs The Butcher and Supercollider from Radiohead, limited editions of Gorillaz iPad recorded album The Fall, a Flaming Lips box set, and a very special limited edition red glitter vinyl 12" from Grinderman. Its four tracks include the original album version of Evil, an early demo and two new remixes, the most excitingly of these has to be The Silver Alarm remix: a woozy remake of Evil featuring lead vocals from Matt Berninger of The National. Love It.

Listen Here

A more complete list of releases and the independent record stores that will be selling them can be found at, Australia, World Wide.

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