Thursday, 31 March 2011

Get on Twitter, follow @Discographies

Are you sick of bloated album reviews written by bloggers with a first-rate thesaurus but nothing much to say?

Exhibit A:
Maybe it is time to check out @Discographies. The largely anonymous micro-blogger summarises an artist's entire body of work in 140 characters or less: short to the point and hilariously accurate.

Exhibits B,C, D and E:
Katy Perry: 1 "Everyone ignored me at Karaoke Night...until I told them I was bi-curious." 2 "Then I bought a blue wig and push-up bra"

Radiohead: 1-7 "How could we ever grow weary of these timeless works of art?" 8 "Whatevs. We live-tweeted it three days ago. It's so over"

Metallica: 1-4 "Run! Run! A monstrous juggernaut is coming to kill us all!" 5 "It stopped! Why?" 6-9 "Choked to death on its own fumes"

Interpol: 1 Find an old photo of Joy Division. 2 Xerox the photo. 3 Draw the Xerox. 4 Stare at the drawing: you'll never get Closer.
Get on Twitter and follow @Discographies while you are there why not follow @BawleyMusicBlog.

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