Sunday, 2 January 2011

January Songs: 31 songs in 31 days from Darren Hayman

Hefner were one of the great little lo-fi indie bands of the late 90's, somewhere between Pulp and Belle and Sebastian. They made some brilliant albums, my favourite being 1999's The Fidelity Wars.

Since they split up in 2002, frontman Darren Hayman has released several albums under several different names, but he's temporarily abandoned the album format to make and release a song a day, for every day in January. Each song will be available free for a few days on Soundcloud, after which point they'll be available to buy. Each will be accompanied by videos and things on the January Songs website.

He freely admits that the songs "won't all be good but some might be" - but judging by the first one - "It was Over" - a typically ramshackle tale of drunkeness and failed relationships, they're going to be worth keeping an eye on.

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bewilderment said...

Ah, ramshackle songs of drunkeness and failed relationships... I love The Fidelity Wars - good times!