Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Countdown To Glastonbury: Free music

Mini Post: The gates of Glastonbury are open! To get you in the mood, The Guardian Music are offering a free download album of bands playing the festival. Get your Yeasayer, Crystal Castles, Glasvegas, Shortwave Set, UNKLE, Neon Neon and more right here. S'good stuff.


Hummer said...

Was just up stairs packing, while listening to my own Glastonbury mix tape.

(Yeasayer, Crystal Castles, UNKLE, Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Kings of Leon, The National and Band of Horses)

Came down to check the weather when I saw your post, perfect timing.

Oh and the weather... looks unpredictable.

Nick said...

yeah, the weather does look a bit variable... but it does seem as though a total mudbath isn't on the cards, which is always good news! Enjoy!