Saturday, 31 May 2008

Possibly the best radio station ever?

BBC - 6 Music, a digital radio station, funded by my TV license.

The target audience is certainly older than that of my old haunt triple j, which I still turn on and turn up for the Saturday night (morning) house party.

I was tipped off to the existence and philosophy of 6Music by an opinion piece in The Word, where over two thirds of a page Lynsey Hanley expressed her disappointment in the station and its directors for appointing a new young mainstream presenter.

While I wasn't looking for a young catch phase dispensing presenter I was interested in the rest of the station, and must say I have been rewarded since tuning in.

Like every other station 6Music has a high rotation playlist, between these tracks the DJs play and talk about whatever they like. Their passion for the music they play is undeniable making the station addictive listening.

The weeks two most played artists are The Cure (20 times) and Hot Chip (19) with CSS and Justice also in the top ten list it is hard to see how it took me and the Bawley crew so long to find this internet radio gem.

As I write this piece I am listening to the last ever episode or Marc Riley's Brain Surgery, playlist
The Bromhead Jackets - Speaker Box
The Bromhead Jackets - Clear To Me
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Radiohead - Bodysnatchers
Scarlett Johansson feat David Bowie - Falling Down
Robert Forster - Deamon Days
Bearsuit - Minerals Made Me
Roy Obison - Domino
David Cronenbergs Wife - Runaway Pram
The Bromheads Jackets - These Boots Are Made For Walking
The Bromheads Jackets - She'll Wrap Her Arms
Micha P Hinson - The Fire Came Up to My Knees
Can - Mushrooms
Super Fury Animals - Ice Hockey Hair
Cate Le Bon - Sailing In Sick
Restless List - Buttlin Breaks
Rufus Wainwright & The Propellorheads - In With The Ladies
Bearsuit - Stop What You're Doing What You're Doing Is Wrong
Winston Samuels - Be Prepared
Coming up after the news Wire, The Fall and then at 9pm it is Radio Hour with Bob Dylan. (yes that Bob Dylan) followed by Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show (yes that Bruce Dickinson)

Listen on-line here

My TV licence: £150 well spent.

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Nick said...

Oh yeah.... 6music is brilliant! Should've given you the heads up about that - my bad..