Saturday, 26 April 2008

I Want Your Discipline

This week Nine Inch Nails released another new track to the internet this time it is a proper radio single with lyrics and every thing. Download for free at

Hidden in the mp3 tags is a note to check on May 5th, suspect it will be the announcement of more tour dates but as Trent Reznor is running a what ever you can do I can do better campaign against radiohead fingers crossed for a thumbs_down style webcast. More nin vs radiohead here, and here

The multi-tracks for discipline are also available for free from no doubt one of the bawley team will have a crack at remixing the track soon.

The track it self is a drum driven dance (almost disco) track, sure to fill the dance floors of alternative clubs everywhere.

But the best thing about this new single has got to be the attached video. Is it real or is it the work of a creative fan, either way it is pretty funny. Click to see for yourself. Be sure to watch through to the 2.50 mark when things get sexy, before being shut down by the bureau.

It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A N.I.N.

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Bawley said...

the video's no longer available... :(