Sunday, 14 September 2008

OH (Ohio) streaming now

At some point I may post at length about exactly how much I'm in love with Lambchop (I've mentioned it before). For now, suffice to say I can't think of another band who have released quite as many albums of such utter brilliance in a row as Lambchop have managed.

Earlier this year, their first concert DVD (and documentary), 'No Such Silence' had me mesmerised (well worth checking out the trailer and clips here, bizarrely it's only ever been available to order from Germany), and on first listen, their new album, 'OH (Ohio)' (by my reckoning their tenth) which is streaming here now, maintains their high, high standards. Sounds a little more spontaneous, and with a bit more humour than its dark predecessor, 'Damaged' (an album that dealt with a major health scare for singer Kurt Wagner), but no less beautiful. It's released on October 7th.

It baffles me that the band aren't better known.

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Hummer said...

Having seen the album cover art I am a little scared of the idea of a feature length DVD - filth