Saturday, 12 April 2008

This Girl's in Love. . . Part II

Today saw the release of the much anticipated second album from Sydney based indie dance duo the Presets. Here at Bawley, we have been hanging out to get our hot little hands on a copy of Apocalypso and thankfully our local record store was selling them early. It's no secret that many the night has been danced away to the euphoric sounds of the dance darlings at our local indie bar and this album doesn't disappoint, consistently providing the essential elements of a great dance track.

After listening to the album three times in the last 15 hours, stand out tracks so far include opening track Kicking and Screaming, Talk Like That, the beautiful If I know You reminiscent of Girl and the Sea, and of course let's not forget the already Bawley hyped My People and This Boy's in Love.

Apocalypso shows our favourite Sydney dance duo haven't strayed far from their roots with this one, still however managing to provide something new with an album that has so much depth, excitement and energy. For me, a lover of music with lyrics* the first half of the album is perfect with great lyrics that come from the heart or make you want to dance. Or both.

With a heavy overseas touring schedule coming up, Australia won't be seeing much of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes over the next year - so catch them when you can. This Bawley girl is still in love, and getting herself to Sydney for their June show.

Track Listing:
Kicking and Screaming
My People
A New Sky
This Boy's in Love
Talk Like That
If I Know You
*note this is in no way a reference to the very average Hugh Grant film of the same name.

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Joseph said...

yipyo yay is def my pick of the bunch...