Friday, 25 April 2008

Mix-tape Musings

Following on from Hummer's blog entry on mix-tape's in March, it recently struck me just how many I make. Now I've made more than a few mix-tapes, mostly for boys as an instrument of love (look at my clever eclectic music taste, I'm so indie, etc) as well as for friends in an endless endeavour to tune their ears in and share my favourite songs. I've also been on the receiving end of plenty too, they have delighted me, made me cry, won me over, got me through hard times. But my latest offering, a divorce mix-tape. Yeah not so common right? 

It made me realise how much music is a part of life and how particular songs travel with me. So the opening track to this 'divorce tape' was my favourite Stars song Your Ex-Lover Is Deadhow apt you say. Other songs that made the cut include Angus & Julia Stone's Wasted (no surprise there) and the probably unnecessary bad-taste inclusion, No One's Gonna Love You from Band of Horses (she'll get the irony I'm sure..)

Now this friend probably hasn't received said mix-tape yet (and has never read this blog either) so no feedback as yet to the success of my newest venture in the mix-tape tradition. I'll keep you posted.

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