Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bawley's changing.. a sad farewell to one of the Bawley team as we expand to the northern hemisphere!

The Bawley crew have been a little busy lately working on some exciting new side-projects. With one half of the Bawley team packing up his bags and 'driving to Brighton for the weekend' it was time for Bawley and friends to go a little crazy. And crazy we did.

Easter weekend saw Eurotrash Studios in production across Canberra filming a special release version of The Cure classic, Pictures of You in an ode to one half of the Bawley team departing. Armed with one video-camera, too many directors and 'too much acting' the crew hit iconic locations across Canberra. One on looker was heard saying "it's no wonder Australian film is in the state it is", we took this as a compliment since they obviously thought we were a legit film crew! After a lot of hard work from the Eurotrash editing team, the desired impact was achieved, with tears all around for the premiere last Thursday night.

Hit us on the blog for your copy of the Eurotrash Studios masterpiece!

In addition to amateur film production, the Bawley team is branching out into 'credible' music journalism. Yes that's right friends the hard-hitting miscellaneous music news that you've come to know and love here at Bawley will now be available at FasterLouder Australia's leading online music community and 'credible destination for lovers of music'. Writing under the moniker k-rad, look out for album and gig reviews and the latest on what we at Bawley are (hearting)!

So whilst your dynamic duo have split geographically for now, expect big things from Bawley, as we cover two hemispheres and tell you about lots of exciting upcoming gigs and new releases over the coming months!

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Hummer said...

Eurotrash YouTube channel? make it happen!