Friday, 26 June 2009

Glastonbury 2009: concilation or torture

Sadly the Bawley are missing the Glastonbury action this weekend, and I guess if you are reading this so are you :(.

I don't know if it be conciliation or torture but you can follow the goings on via the radio, tellie and of course all over the web.

BBC 6Music have 24 hour coverage from the site you can listen to the Gideon Coe, Shaun Keaveny, Lauren Laverne and co via

BBC TV will be showing daily highlights as well as a selection of sets from the festivals main stages.

The full listing of BBC Radio and TV programs is here

UK paper The Guardian will also have comprehensive coverage. They will be publishing pictures, videos, reviews, and podcasts of all the Glasto highlights on their website - perhaps the best way to access all this content will be through the map below simply drag the time bar across the bottom to see what was/is happening when.

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Nick said...

From over here, it seemed like an absolutely vintage Glastonbury: three great headliners (I'd have LOVED to have seen Blur there...)and mostly great weather.

Sadly the BBC online video footage was restricted to UK only this year - in the past couple of years I was at least able to watch some sets on the interweb.