Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy 100th Post

On day one we were asked who is Bawley?
“Bawley is a collection of music nerds, no talent, no experience, no education, no right to have as many opinions as they do."
On this Bawley’s 100th posts are we in a better position to answer such existential questions, looking at the Bawley tag cloud I yes, well Yes and No.

Yes, Bawley are clearly Radiohead fans with 18 posts referencing the band. We also have a love of Nine Inch Nails who come in as the second most popular act (12 posts), followed by The Cure (8), Crystal Castles (7) and Bloc Party (6) who complete Bawley's top five blogged about bands.

Yes, Bawley obviously loves a bargain with 9 posts on free downloads, and one each covering free shows, rip offs and artist greed.

Yes, Bawley has an inflated sense of self-importance referencing itself on 16 occasions including this post.

No, Bawley still can’t really decide who it is or what it wants to talk about covering 230 topics in 100 posts seems a little scatter brained and if anyone can explain how Blatant excuses to publish pictures of Richard Ayoade, Sailing boats, Iceland and not actually about music made it onto this music blog they are doing better than us.

Thanks for reading our first 100, we look forward to you joining us for 100 more.
- The Bawley Team


Nick said...

Woo! 100 posts! An historic occasion.

Seems I'm responsible for almost all the non-music posts - oops. Though I maintain that subjects like sailing boats are important matters to cover.

As the new boy, I have very much enjoyed my time at Bawley so far. Onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys and nice work on the milestone. Thank god for sites like yours which can keep us informed on the finer side to music so we can simply purchase and enjoy. More articles on UB40, Phil Collins/Genesis and the expected comeback from Echobelly would be appreciated. Oh and Journey too please. Don´t stop believing.

Bawley said...

only self-referenced ourselves 16 times? well we better bloody improve on that in the next 100 posts... -k

Nick said...

Let's see how many times we can reference the fact that we self-reference ourselves...