Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tasty fresh Lambchop coming soon

Lambchop have been quietly relasing brilliant albums since the early nineties. Their last album, Damaged was my favourite of 2006 and all its tracks still sit very near the top of my iTunes 'most played' list. I'm excited, then, that they've just announced details of their eleventh album, entitled 'OH (ohio)' which comes out on October 7th.

Dubious artwork aside (is that Noel Edmonds?), the taster track, 'Slipped, Dissolved And Loosed' which is streaming over on stereogum suggests the album's going to be another good 'un. Richer, warmer and a little rougher than the band's more recent work, it's still classic Lambchop: Utterly beguiling and perfectly constructed. The band head out on a tour of UK and Europe in September.

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