Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Glastonbury In Colour

Here is a run down of the action from across the Glastonbury site last weekend.

All photos here were taken exclusively for Bawley using a Kodak FunSaver Disposable camera.

View from Pennand Hill:

Sparkadia @ The Queen's Head:

Don the wet weather gear, now for breakfast:

Santogold @ The Park:

Rosin Murphy @ Dance East:

Editors @ Pyramid Stage:

The Raconteurs (Saboteurs) @ Pyramid Stage:

The Fratellis @ Pyramid Stage:

Flags @ The Park:

Black Kids @ The Other Stage:

British Sea Power @ The John Peel Stage:

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit @ Cafe Tango:

Lupe Fiasco @ Jazz World:

The Wombats @ The Other Stage:

Flame Spewing DJ Booth @ Trash City:

Dangerously Full Trannie Bar @ Trash City:

Neil Cowley Trio @ Jazz World:

Nut Cases @ Everywhere:

The Imagined Village @ Jazz World:

Battles @ The Park:

The Shortwave Set @ Dance Lounge:

The Whip @ The John Peel Stage:

Midnight Juggernauts @ Dance West:

Balkan Beat Box @ Jazz World:

Yeasayer @ The John Peel Stage:

Stars @ The John Peel Stage:

Goldfrapp @ The Pyramid:

Mark Ronson @ The Other Stage:

Neil Diamond @ Pyramid Stage:

Crystal Castles @ The John Peel Stage:

Tunng @ The Park:

Where did all the Tents Go?:

Bag Packed Home Time:

Thanks to Mark O for the special moments not captured by Bawley's on the ground photographer.


Nick said...

Looks like fun! Looking forward to reading more about Bawley's Glastonbury adventures. Did you see Hot Chip? They looked ace.

Bawley said...

great photos Humm... nice bawley exclusive :)

Hummer said...

I had to skip Hot Chip to see MGMT, a decision that I am both very happy with and somewhat regret.

MGMT on the Park Stage were great, brilliant set, plus at the Park stage there is a smaller crowd and the hill location means everyone can see the stage.

But some of the others I was with went to Hot Chip and loved it.

Nick said...

Hmm MGMT vs Hot Chip would be a tricky one, but MGMT looked great too, and, The Park Stage seems like a cool place to see bands.. its new since I last went.

Tanya said...

Great photos and great coverage Hummer (and Mark). So pleased that Midnight Juggers was a hit being a personal favourite of mine. I think I need to go dance now.

Shane the Shoe said...

I saw the end of Hot Chip and they were great. Everyone was having a boogie. Too many tough choices to make at Glasto!