Monday, 5 May 2008

Nine Inch Nails give us The Slip

Last week Nine Inch Nails released the single disciple for free download, and teased their audience to return to on May 5th.

This morning Nine Inch Nails have gone one better and released there whole new album for free download.

The album is called the slip and you can get it here.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip (Halo 27)
  1. 999,999
  2. 1,000,000
  3. letting you
  4. discipline
  5. echoplex
  6. head down
  7. lights in the sky
  8. corona radiata
  9. the four of us are dying
  10. demon seed
Come back later in the day for a review of the new material.


The first half of The Slip gives the listener a real ear bashing crammed full of distorted guitars played at a sweat inducing tempo with the only slight a release coming from the hugely catchy dance around with your shirt off single Discipline.

At the heart of album is a delicate ballad Lights in the Sky consisting of no more than Trent Reznor’s haunting lyrics and a piano the track provides some room to breathe and recover before Corona Radiata and The Four of Us are Dying deliver you to a very dark place not dissimilar to that covered on last month’s Ghosts I-IV instrumental album.

Album closer Demon Seed picks up the pace again spitting out some more determined anger before its abrupt finish closes the album.

While some of the same frustrations are present in the lyrics the album does not feel like the second instalment of Year Zero that many were expecting, to compare it to any previous nin releases I would say it fits best next to 2005’s With Teeth.

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Tanya said...

Hey Hummer,

Thanks for the tip. I have downloaded an album for the first time ever. I feel so internet savvy :) Love the album too.