Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Viva La 6Music

Earlier this year we asked you to get on board the Save 6Music bandwagon by submitting your opinions to the BBC Trust Strategy Review.

This week the Trust has published the review's initial conclusions:
The Trust does not think a convincing case has been made, as presented, for the closure of 6 Music. The Trust does not agree that there is a consistent strategic rationale for closure on grounds either of promoting digital development or market impact.
Hooray, The best way to celebrate would have to be by Listening to 6Music.


Hummer said...

News is less good for the Asian Network

The Trust notes that the Asian network is performing poorly and will, therefore, consider a formal proposal for the closure of the Asian Network. However, this must include a proposition for meeting the needs of the station's audience in different ways.

bewilderment said...

Yesssssss! Well done 6Music Campaigners everywhere! The polite protesting and Strategic Review form filling-in paid off! Victory is ours!