Saturday, 27 February 2010

God Save 6Music

This morning The Times reported that two of the BBC’s digital radio stations 6Music and The Asian Network will be shut down as part of corporation wide cut backs.

Scriptwriter, journalist, broadcaster and sometimes 6Music DJ Andrew Collins put together this great piece covering the reasons behind any closure and why the loss of 6Music (and The Asian Network) is bad news for everyone.

Just some of what we will all be missing if 6Music were to close down.


Hummer said...

Seriously, this is shit.

I listen to 6Music every day.

If they take it away from me I might just leave this country, maybe I should leave just in case.

save6Music said...

More truths here

Nick said...

Yeah! This is what I was going to say. Would be genuinely gutted if it closes. Which is looking very likely.

The best case scenario if it closes is that Radio 1 will swing back to being a bit closer to how it used to be, when it had DJs like Steve Lamacq and John Peel in the evening, and much more live music and documentaries. When 6Music started, Radio 1 went completely to shit.

bewilderment said...

I'm totally with you, Hummer, I listen to 6music all the time too and if it goes, I might have to leave the country as well - so I'll join you in Oz...! I wrote to the BBC giving my views this weekend, so I'm really hoping they'll see the light and save 6music!