Friday, 8 January 2010

What better way to start the new year than with a bit of LAMBCHOP news?

Lambchop surprised their fans at the end of 2009 with their second live album in as many years.

Filmed at the band's American record label Merge's 20th anniversary party and released as an MP3 download (with an optional SD or HD video download) or as a limited edition CD with a voucher for HD video download (it's a chunky 1gb file), it's a world away from the band's previous live release.

While 2007's 'No Such Silence' beautifully captured Lambchop, in front of a polite Belgian crowd, at their most restrained and delicate, 'Live at XX Merge' sees the band at their most euphoric, tearing through their more raucus moments ('Your Fucking Sunny Day', 'Hey Where's Your Girl', 'Up With People'...) with a rare zeal.

It's an awesome performance which concludes with an epic version of 'Give It' - the track that lead singer Kurt Wagner released in collaboration with dance act X-Press 2 - with a bit of Talking Heads chucked in for good measure. It's well worth checking out:

LAMBCHOP LIVE AT XX MERGE: GIVE IT / PROMO from Show Cobra Productions on Vimeo.

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