Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Landfill Indie, now a real word.

Landfill Indie (or Indie Landfill) the term coined by The Word magazine's Andrew Harrison has been added to the Collins English Dictionary.

Expect the Collins entry to read something like
Indie Landfill: a derogatory term for indie music considered to be mediocre.
I think the definition of Landfill Indie should be expanded to cover
Landfill Indie: a type of bland, crowd-pleasing guitar based indie music, which propelled indie music from being independently spirited to the most mundane of mainstream pop genres. Especially popular in the last half of the 00’s indie landfill achieved it success in a way which Britpop, despite its hit records, never did. By 2007 a generation of teen TV presenters and rock wannabies rode a wave of mediocre pseudo-indie as youth TV schedules were filled with woeful, will-this-do music shows sponsored by phone companies.
Of course the definition would have to include a photo of The Kooks, Scouting For Girls, The Wombats, Pigeon Detectives, Cold War Kids, The Fratellis, The Hoosiers, Snow Patrol, The View, Keane, Travis, Razorlight, Hamfatter, The Maccabees, or maybe just a guy with a trendy haircut and a guitar.