Saturday, 18 April 2009

Happy Record Store Day

Today is a Record Store Day, an international celebration of all that is good about wandering in to your local record store, rummaging through the racks, and coming away with something that you didn't even know you wanted.  Lots of info, and a free Dandy Warhols download here,  but I thought I'd give you  a fairly unscientific top 5 record shops that I like.

Title,  Crows Nest
This great little indie popped up in my neighbouring suburb last year.  It's all very fancy, and fairly highbrow, and I've got no idea how it stays in business, but it's full of interesting stuff, so I hope it sticks around for a while.

Piccadilly Records, Manchester
Vinyl Exchange, Manchester
Two selections from Manchester's Northern Quarter, and two places where I spent quite a lot of my time while at university.  Piccadilly records was great for new stuff, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and a good selection, while Vinyl Exchange was brilliant for rummaging through second hand stuff, and discovering a few bargains or interesting rarities.

I discovered this place on a trip to Melbourne last year, and while I've only been once, it's perhaps the closest I've found to that idea of the 'classic' record shop.  it's down in a dingy basement, with the walls covered in old band posters, and carries a stock that bears very little relation to what people might actually want to buy; merely, what the record shop wants to sell. and there's a great bit at the back with comfy chairs and a coffee table piled high with old music magazines, where you can sit and relax while you sample a potential purchase.

HMV Oxford Street, London
Not an indie, obviously, but these days, the big high street chains need almost as much support as the little indies.  While it lacks in ambiance, sometimes it's good to go into a record store knowing that there's a very good chance they're going to have the CD you want, no matter how old or obscure.  And with HMV Oxford Street being one of the biggest in the world, you've got a better chance than at most places.  Plus, I've seen some great live music in-store here, by bands like  Hot Chip, the Pipettes and The Gossip.


Hummer said...

Utopia Records, Broadway, Sydney's a Record Store and a Rock Museum.

Utopia's speciality is Hard and Heavy Rock but it is more than the huge selection of cds and vinyl that draws me to Utopia on every visit to Sydney.

What gets me in the door is the displays of awesome rock memorabilia all of it for sale.

Got a spare $1500 buy the Lost Lennon tapes, have less money but a taste for Helter Skelter: how some Charles Manson poetry (hand written on the torn sleeve of his prison uniform) - price negotiable. Fancy hearing Joey Ramone duet I got you babe with Holly Vincent - 7" vinyl only $9.99

Hummer said...

Badlands, Cheltenham shop, small range but nice guys.

Hummer said...

Landspeed Records, Garema Place, Canberra vinyl selection is a DJ's wet dream, not sure if you really need that new switch/bjork bootleg remix, give it a spin on the in store turntable.

Picking up the street press is always a good excuse to visit the record shop and Landspeed hold the best range of free papers in the nations capital. Drop in on Tuesdays for The Drum, every 2nd Thursday for BMA, once every month or two for Vice.

(PS: You do need the new switch/bjork remix)

Nick said...

Good additions! Hve you been to Rise in Cheltenham? - I've heard a couple of times recently that it's suppiosed to be quite good.