Friday, 20 March 2009

Can't Get Enough Intimacy

On the 11th of May Bloc Party will release Intimacy Remixed.

The remix version of Intimacy will join the download, premium download, standard, standard plus bonus tracks and deluxe versions of Intimacy. You might remember that Bloc Party’s debut Silent Alarm was released in about 92 different formats each with a slightly different track listing and/or cover art.

I look forward to seeing how many more different versions of Intimacy we will be asked to buy.

For now it is Intimacy Remixed; the album’s first single will be Armand Van Helden's reworking of Signs will be out on April 27th. Before then Signs is this week’s Friday Freebie – download the mp3 here.

The full Intimacy Remixed track listing:
1. Ares – Villains remix
2. Mercury – Herve is in Disarray remix
3. Halo – We Have Band Dub
4. Biko – Mogwai remix
5. Trojan Horse – John B remix
6. Signs – Armand Van Helden remix
7. One Month Off – Filthy Dukes remix
8. Zephyrus – Phase One remix
9. Talons – Phones RIP remix
10. Better Than Heaven – No Age remix
11. Ion Square – Banjo or Freakout remix
12. Letter To My Son – Gold Panda remix
13. Your Visits are Getting Shorter – Double D remix.


Nick said...

Yep, it's really annoying when bands do this. I guess we're only a few years away from the 10th anniversary 'legacy edition' of Silent Alarm, complete with a bunch of outtakes and demo versions nobody will ever listen to.

Hummer said...

I know I can't wait