Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bawley Wants You! (to review Nine Inch Nails for us)

We already know that Nine Inch Nails Soundwave headline shows will be among their last before disappearing for a while.

What we don’t know is just how mighty these farewell shows will be. But I have a suspicion they are going to be flip’n awesome.

Reviews of the band's recent New Zealand shows have been positive, saying the newest line up is as fierce as ever playing songs from across the bands 20 year back catalogue, as well as new tracks from the 2008 albums Ghosts I-IV and The Slip.

The light show promises to be huge, so huge in fact Soundwave organisers have issued a warning recommending that those who may be susceptible to epileptic fits or loss of consciousness avoid the performance.

A fierce band with a seizure inducing light show - like I said, flip'n awesome!

Are you going to be there? Would you like to review the shows for Bawley?

We are without tickets and would love for one of you to send us your pictures and reviews telling all how it went down, if you are up for it get in touch so we can get you on board.

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