Saturday, 9 August 2008

Live Review: Band Of Horses, Sydney Metro, 05/07/08

Can we add horses to the list of hairy animals that Bawley (hearts)?

The contrast against Vampire Weekend the previous night couldn't have been more apparent. Tonight was about Proper Rock Done Properly. Onstage, It was all beards, check shirts, flouting of anti-smoking legislation, and a full four guitarists. It could have been the 1970's. Band Of Horses' brand of reverb drenched folk rock is nothing new or clever, but it sounded great, right from opener 'Is There A Ghost' to the end, in a set that took in all the best bits from both their albums and a couple of spectacular cover versions - JJ Cale's 'Thirteen Days', and - a set highlight - a brilliant version of Them Two's 'Am I A Good Man'.

Lead singer and chief beard wearer Ben Bridwell was on fine form, charming, charismatic and with a remarkable voice that would keep your flat warm, and the band knew exactly what the crowd wanted. No extended guitar jams or - God forbid - drum solos that are all to often a symptom of this particular genre - the songs were tight, focused and thoroughly enjoyable. But don't take our word for it - enjoy these two Bawley exclusive camera phone clips:

(most of) 'No One's Gonna Love You':

(a bit of) 'Islands On The Coast':


Bawley said...

Yes! Add Band of Horses and Ben Bridwell to the list of hairy animals that Bawley (hearts).

Hummer said...

Very jealous. Sounds like you caught them at exactly the right time, most indie bands only have one or two good albums in them before they start hiding the lack of quality new songs behind guitar wankery, drum solos and stretched out versions of the older tracks that made you love them in the first place.

Oh and the videos are brilliant, can I hear Mokdaddy singing along?

Can’t believe I didn’t get to see them at glasto :(

Fandango said...

ahh...the clips bring back the memories. what a great choice of song for a bridal waltz ;-)

Tanya said...

Fantastic write up. Couldn't have put it better myself. I was singing along but in true choir style - mouthing the words with no sound.

Indeed a great romantic waltz song. It brings back memories of me stepping on Pete's feet while tryng to dance.

Yours truly - Mokdaddy