Monday, 2 June 2008

Showing Some Support

Having previously invited along the likes of Ladytron, Peaches, TV on the Radio and Saul Williams to open their headline shows Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has a habit of picking great support acts, acts that don't always fit the industrial rock mould.

For this summer's North American tour Nine Inch Nails have invited along the five noise merchants straight from the indie blog-sphere.
A Place To Bury Strangers
Crystal Castles
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
White Williams
So are they any good and how will the Nine Inch Nails crowd react to each of these acts

A Place To Bury Strangers
"New York's Loudest Band", quite a claim but one that on listening to their self titled debut seems wholly appropriate. Clearly influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain APTBS are all feedback and space rock, their sound is similar to that of previous NIN supports Serena Maneesh, if given the chance they will please most people who get to the shows early.

Crystal Castles
This Canadian two piece come with a brand new album and reputation for putting on an ear-shattering live show this should see their club inspired noise win over the rock oriented crowds.

With a new album due later this year expect post punk band Deerhunter to use this tour to test out some new material. Deerhunter claim influences similar to NIN and they should have no problems translating there live show to the bigger stage.

Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Terrible band name! You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into... terrible album title! DIOY,Y? borrow the cowbell and baselines from Justice, MSTKFT, and Klaxons add some rock attitude and compress it all down to 3 minute pop songs, this does not make for great bean bag/bath tub listening, but should whip up one hell of a dance party, any one say nu-rave? I can't see the NIN audience pulling out fluro headbands and glo sticks but maybe a few butts will start shaking, maybe.

White Williams
While I love the album art on Williams latest album Smoke, I don't think his brand of lo-fi electro pop is really my thing and suspect that come 31st August when Williams walks on to the Lexington Kentucky stage he will have a battle on his hands to win over the sometimes difficult NIN crowd.

Check the full list of dates here.


simon from said...

Some amazing supports, amazing enough to make me consider traveling to see APTBS and Deerhunter support.

My all time favourite band supported by 2 of my new favourites... Would be awesome.

simon from said...

Oh, and as for NIN fans not breaking out the glowsticks? Big Top show in September a group of us went in 80's theme. Nothing like being on the barrier in a red tracksuit and sweatbands right?

Looked stupid, but they did play Down In It.

Hummer said...

Was at those shows in September, kitted out in black and boots, you know loving it! Just like everyone else.

That was tbe best nin line up I have seen, and at the end of the year zero tour they were at their peak.

Have you seen the new line up what do you think?

Alessandro Cortini
Robin Finck
Josh Freese
Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Trent Reznor

Simon said...

I have the biggest man crush on Aaron North, so his loss sucks, but his new band Jubilee is shaping up to be ok (Mikey Shoes from QOTSA in there on bass as well)...

I guess it's a wait and see. After the 2007 shows Reznor had said that the 'rock band' setup would be changed... I was hoping for a Kraftwerk style thing, like when they had the screen down at the September shows. That'd be awesome. What's your opinion?