Saturday, 29 March 2008

Muxtape now!

The mix tape is back its gone high tech and we love it.

A few weeks back Bawley stumbled on the USB cassette this little gem is perfect for sharing mix tapes with friends it provides the retro look and feel of a cassette (version 1.0) but none of the tape stretching, sound warping features. You can get your hands on one from Pocket Monster in Braddon.

This weekend the mixtape has gone on-line. Muxtape is a new website that allows you to upload up to 12 songs building your mix tape (or muxtape), using mp3s from your own collection.

Once you have uploaded your songs muxtape gives you a url to give to your friends who can then stream the mix and mavel at your mix tape building skillz.

This is clearly walking all over the copyright of the artists so be quick share your ultimate mix tape before the record company lawyers shut it down.

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Mathew said...

I put most of this together on Sunday morning, then added a few more tracks after downloading the new (free) Bjork tribute from stereogum

hope you enjoy.

Note: if you are to create your own muxtape be sure to check the conditions for posting mp3s, to avoid legal issues has passed the responsibility for clearing songs to the users.